Onsite Wastewater Program



The Onsite Wastewater Program is charged with protecting public health by ensuring that wastewater is disposed of in a manner that protects groundwater quality and prevents the spread of disease. Environmental Health Specialists evaluate site and soil conditions and design, permit, and inspect all septic systems installed or repaired in Person County. Included within this program are State required pump system inspections, building addition/mobile home replacement permitting, and migrant home preoccupancy reports.


Site Evaluations and Permitting

State rules and regulations govern the placement and construction of septic systems. A septic system uses the natural soil to filter, purify and dispose of wastewater. Septic systems will not function properly and cannot be permitted under all site/soil conditions. The type of septic system required depends on soil/site conditions and can vary greatly with respect to cost and complexity.

Permitting Information

Application Instructions

Application for Services

Lot Preparation Instructions

Site Plan Worksheet

Site Plan Worksheet (Example)

Unsuitable Classification

Application for Business Use of Home

Fee Schedule

 Legal Representative Authorization



Septic System Repair

Once an application is submitted, along with the Homeowner Questionnaire, an Environmental Health Specialist will evaluate the failing system and the site/soil conditions, and determine the best repair option.


Application for Services  

Homeowner Questionnaire 

Financial Assistance Application


Building Additions/Mobile Home Replacements

 An Environmental Health Specialist will make a site visit to determine that the septic system is operating properly and that the proposed addition will not encroach on the well or septic system. Repairs or modifications to the systems are permitted accordingly. 


Application for Services

Site Plan Worksheet


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