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The Well and Water Quality Program is charged with ensuring that private water supplies are protected and provide safe potable water to the users. Environmental Health Specialists work closely with well drillers to ensure that wells are properly located and constructed, in accordance with Person County and State well regulations.

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Water Testing

All newly constructed wells are sampled by Environmental Health in accordance with State law. The samples are analyzed by the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health and the complete results are usually provided to the well owner within 3 weeks. In addition, State law mandates that local health departments annually inspect and sample migrant housing water supplies and complete preoccupancy reports, as well as sampling all private water supplies that serve graded establishments.   

Requesting Water Tests

Citizens can apply to have their well water tested by the Health Department. Bacteriological and inorganic chemical are the two most commonly requested water tests. The results from bacteriological tests are usually available in 48 hours. The results from inorganic chemical, and other tests, are usually available within 3 weeks.

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