Planning Studies / Why Plan?


Person County Planning Department Study Documents

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Madison Boulevard

Person County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) Adopted 2011

US 501 North Planning Document (from Virgilina Road to existing US501)

2001 Person County Comprehensive Land Use Plan


2015 Hazard Mitigation Plan

Farmland Preservation Plan 

What Is Planning?  Communities that do not plan are often forced to deal with problems reactively. Perhaps more importantly, though, they are less likely to seize opportunities for transformative and positive change.

This is not to say that community planning is akin to having a crystal ball; there will always be unexpected challenges and unanticipated outcomes.

Rather, the key point is that plans based on the best available information and the most inclusive processes will confer economic, environmental, and social benefits that far outweigh the investment of resources in the planning process.



Lori Oakley

Director of Planning and Zoning