Court house 2


     The Bailiff’s are assigned to the courthouse for courtroom security. They also conduct routine inspections in the courthouse, maintain custody of prisoners in the courtroom and provide security for judges and jurors. There are also responsible for staffing the security station at the main entrance to the Person County Court House.

     The mission of the Courthouse Security Office is to provide a safe environment for Judges, employees and all visitors coming into the Person County Courthouse. The Person County Sheriff’s Office shall maintain the security of the courthouse in order to protect the integrity of court procedures, to ensure the rights of individuals before it, to deter those who would take violent action against the court or its participants in court proceedings, and to sustain the decorum of the court.

Procedures to expect when entering courthouse

    All persons entering the courthouse will be required to proceed through a metal detector to ensure they are not carrying any weapons or contraband on their person that can be perceived as a weapon. If the metal detector alerts while walking through, you will be required to step forward to have a visual inspection conducted and to be checked once again with a hand held metal detector. Subjects will be required to place all bags, purses, briefcases and other such items through an x-ray inspection system to be scanned to insure no weapon(s) or contraband are being brought into the courthouse. Any weapons that are located on an individual will be seized and the subject will face possible legal action.



    Guns, Rifles, Ammunition of any type, Knives,  Bowie Knifes,  Dirk (Short straight dagger), Dagger,  Loaded Cane, Shurikin (Martial Arts star shaped), Cleaver, Steak / Butcher Knife, Loaded Cigarette Lighter,  Loaded Lipstick, Razor Blades, Brass Knuckles, Crack Pipes, Drug Paraphernalia, Illegal Drugs, Alcoholic Beverages, Hair Picks, Cameras (Unless media & prior approval by judge), Recording Devices (Unless evidence in a case  or media and prior approval), Glass Bottles containing liquids, Toy Guns which give the appearance of being real, Tools (Screwdrivers, etc.) unless being used by maintenance personnel. EXCEPTION: Handicap persons in wheelchairs who may have their tools attached to the wheelchair.  Other items not listed may be scrutinized by security and a determination will be made by a supervisor as whether or not to allow such items in the courthouse.

    It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office for all subjects visiting the Person County Courthouse to have a safe and enjoyable experience while conducting their business. In order to accomplish this, we request individuals adhere to the procedures outlined above.

Hours of Operation: M – F 8:30am till 5:00pm