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For payment options, please visit of Search/Pay Taxes link or pay by phone by calling 1-(877)-369-0027

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Is it possible to make a payment by telephone or over the Internet using a credit card?
The Person County Tax Collector's Office has entered into an agreement with Voice Data Solutions and ccpayment services to provide taxpayers this automated payment service. Ccpayments Services will, however, charge a convenience fee for all credit card transactions.

Tell me more about the convenience fee.
There are no charges by Person County for processing the payment transaction. Ccpayments Services will, however, charge a convenience fee. You will be informed of all charges and fees before you authorize the payment. This fee is in addition to any charges, such as interest, that may be assessed by your credit card issuer or financial institution.

All in all, we feel that the benefits of being able to use your credit card to pay your taxes outweigh the cost of the convenience fee. Not only do you have a safe, simple, and easy to use system, but you can take advantage of any rewards or points your card issuer offers for using your card.

Does Person County receive the convenience fee?
This fee is not part of your tax and Person County does not receive the convenience fee. When paying by telephone or the Internet, please allow two business days for your payment to be credited to your account.

What credit cards can I use?
Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa can be used.

Can I use my debit card?
The ability to pay with debit cards depends on the type of card issued by your financial institution. There are debit cards that can be used as credit cards. These cards usually have a MasterCard or Visa logo and do not require a PIN number. This type of card may be used for the payment of taxes.

How do I make a payment over the Internet?

  • Visit our website at
  • Use our on-line search tool to select the bills that you would like to pay.
  • Add selected bills to your shopping cart.
  • Follow instructions as prompted.
  • Print receipt for your records.


How do I make a payment over the telephone?
To make your payment by telephone, call toll-free 1-877-369-0027. The process is simple. The average phone call takes only three to four minutes. You can pay using any of the following credit cards:  MasterCard, Visa, or Discover Card. Please have your credit card and bill information ready.

Here's how a call to pay your Property or Vehicle Tax will work

  • Use your touch-tone phone to call toll-free 1-877-369-0027.   
  • Enter your Record (bill) Number located on the top left hand corner of your tax statement.
  • You will be asked to confirm the amount of the bill.


You will then hear the terms and conditions for making a payment to Person County.

At the end of the call you will be given a confirmation number. Please write this number down and save it for your records.

What will I receive as confirmation of my credit card payment?
If you use Ccpayments Services to pay your taxes by using our Interactive Voice Response automated system, you will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the payment transaction.  If you paid by our website, you can print a receipt on-line immediately or have a receipt e-mailed to you.

How secure is my credit card information I'm using to make this payment?
Voice Data Solutions and Ccpayments Services are both PCI compliant and they use the best encryption technology available. Credit card information is not passed to any government entity and payment data is passed using hardware encryption. Transactions are processed using a leased line connection to your credit card company.